It is with great sadness that Jennifer Lofthouse who runs "Darrowby Cakes" has passed away. We do not wish to take down the website, so that we can look back at Jen's amazing work. But please note, that we will no longer be taking on any orders.

Wedding Cakes

Getting the wedding cake right is crucial, it brings out the extra special part of the day. Providing all necessities you require, I certainly deliver what you want and how you want the outcome to be. This is what you deserve for your big day, because at times it can become difficult and stressful to plan everything ready for your wedding.

My wedding cake experience

My expertise and professional outlook will reassure and give you ease straightaway, when it comes to handling and creating your perfect wedding cake. The process takes time to make sure it’s perfect and freshly made, ready for your day.

What attracts people’s attention is something they’ll remember, being the taste, how visually attractive and how memorable it is. I’ve been to many weddings and there’s always fuss around the wedding cake, I bring people to ask the question; just how has that been made? Or their reactions being simply amazed.

I aim to work closely and communicate with you, on all aspects and areas of your ideas. I listen and incorporate every piece of detail you list to me. For example, different coloured petals on the side, specific design patterns on certain areas of the cake. If you would like me to contribute to your original ideas, flavours and designs then that’s absolutely fine, anything to help achieve a magical and creative piece.

I continue to successfully produce visually stunning and detailed cakes that make people blown away. So much so, it naturally makes people having to take photos of the cake, leaving them cherishing the moments and for them to show off to others, of just how detailed and hand crafted it really is. The cake cutting is often one of the best camera shots to capture, the photographers will most likely get you in place and take this shot.

So, what’s your perfect ideal cake for your big day? Chocolate covered cake smeared with caramel on top? Fruit cake?

Top of the tower

Traditionally, on top of the wedding cake there is the bride and groom, as tiny little figures. You can get creative, if you like the sound of this idea then it definitely can be done. I can make this into edible pieces of fondant too. You’ll see flowers on top of a wedding cake or letters displayed of “Mr & Mrs” which is a nice touch. Both flowers and lettering can also be made into edible pieces of fondant icing.